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Square-Head Chippers (Right Handed)

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  • Helps recover from off the green for improved scoring 
  • More forgiving than a standard iron
  • Snag-less Hybrid body slides easily through the grass
  • Shot alignment technology gets you closer to the pin
  • Special ANGLED hosel, for optimal weighting and more upright lie

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Square-Head  Chippers<small> (Right Handed) </small>

Square-Head Chippers (Right Handed)

Custom Hybrid chipper:

Thomas Golf brand custom Hybrid Chippers are an alternative to using standard irons to recover from off the green. These Chippers are part hybrid wood, part standard iron, and part putter. The head is hollow like a hybrid wood, with a high MOI that provides outstanding forgiveness from off-center hits. These chippers help improve your short game by taking the fear out of chipping around the green.

All Chippers by Thomas Golf have a special angled hosel to ensure proper weighting and more upright lie. 

The head has hosel offset like a standard iron to help position your hands for solid contact. The lie and shaft length are just like you would see on a standard putter, so the golfer can use the easier putting stroke to get up and down from anywhere around the green. The heavy cambered versatile sole helps get the ball up in the air and on the green, sticking it close to the  pin.

The new easy to use chippers are available in 14 different lofts from 14 degrees to 60 degrees. They have a snag less hybrid head design with a 4-faced sole to help glide through the grass.  The wide sole also makes it easier to hit off hard lies. The flat level crown supports a shot alignment indicator for improved accuracy. These new chippers combine the advantages of 3 different technologies: hybrids, irons, and putters.


  • Hybrid head design with 14 different lofts to choose from: 14°, 16°, 18°, 21°, 24°, 27°, 30°, 34°, 38°, 42°, 46°, 50°, 55°, 60°
  • Length and weight of a putter for control and accuracy.
  • Upright putter lie and alignment help keep your chip on line.
  • 6 different grips to choose from (Iron Grips: small, standard, mid, oversize ... and Putter Grips: standard or oversize)



Club Loft Degree Lie Degree Standard Length
1 Hybrid Chipper 16 66 35"
2 Hybrid Chipper 18 67 35"
3 Hybrid Chipper 21 68 35"
4 Hybrid Chipper 24 69 35"
 5 Hybrid Chipper 27° 70° 35"
 6 Hybrid Chipper 30° 70.5° 35"
 7 Hybrid Chipper 34° 71° 35"
 8 Hybrid Chipper 38° 71° 35"
 9 Hybrid Chipper 42° 72° 35"
 PW Hybrid Chipper 46° 72° 35"
 GW Hybrid Chipper 50° 73° 35"
 SW Hybrid Chipper 55° 73° 35"
LW Hybrid Chipper 60 73 35"


Shafts & Grips

This table shows the shafts and grips you may choose from when you build your custom putter by clicking the "Customize/Buy" button above.


Tour Graphite Shaft

Black Graphite Stiff Shaft

Standard-weight steel shaft

Stepless Chrome-Plated Stainless Steel Shaft

Tour Graphite Shaft

Champagne Graphite Stiff Shaft



TG-Pro Grips (Small, Standard, Mid-sized, Oversized)

  • This newly engineered compound provides the optimum balance of comfort, control, traction and shock absorption.
  • Paint-filled hand placement reference markers for consistent gripping and accurate club alignment to aid in shot accuracy.
  • Specially designed tread pattern provides exceptional traction and surface feel.

Standard-Sized Putter Grip by THOMAS

  • This newly engineered compound provides the optimum balance of comfort, control, traction and shock absorption.
  • Distinctive gold-filled hand placement guide for consistent gripping and accurate club alignment will contribute to greater shot accuracy.
  • Specially designed multi-tread patterns provide exceptional traction and surface feel in each section of the grip.

Over-Sized Putter Grip by THOMAS

  • This newly engineered compound provides the optimum balance of comfort, control, traction and shock absorption.


I always see articles in magazines about all these tricks and techniques to achieve proper alignment. Now that I use the Thomas Golf clubs, I don't even have to think about it. I just aim the club's shot indicator at the target and swing. These clubs have made such an improvement, it feels like a whole new game. I love them! Thanks.

- Richard S.
I am a newbie golfer and I purchased the 3-SW hybrid iron sent about a month ago. After only one month I am already beating my friends who have golfed their whole lives (I am 28). On only my fourth round of golf I have ever played, I hit a 41 on the back nine for a total of 92 for the round.  I credit 50% of my early improvement and success due to these clubs! (The other half I credit is free golf lessons from a friend who used to play on the Nike Tour). These clubs allow you to build confidence because they are much easier to hit than traditional irons, and the trajectory is amazing.  My distance is also already better than my friends who have played their whole lives.  I still have major issues off the tee with my non Thomas Golf driver, which is why I now tee off with the Thomas Hybrid 3 iron and can hit the club about 210-220 yards straight somewhat consistently. I just ordered the 1 & 2 hybrid with hopes I can hit the 1 iron for my tee shots as well as the 3 iron but with more distance. If that works out I don't think I will ever use a driver again.

The hybrid irons are worth every penny, and are perfect for beginners or anyone who wants to have better iron play.  Thanks to Thomas Golf for a quality product that now has me addicted to golf.    

- Jonathan S.

I just wanted to give you some feed back on my recent purchase of your hybrids.
I play a lot of golf and was having difficulty with my iron play. Received the clubs, practiced once at Olympic Club and then had a NCGA 12 man match and shot 73 (and beat my opponent an unheard of 8&6!)  at Harding Park (site of 2005 World Golf Championships won by Tiger.)
That was followed up by a 76, 75, 78, and 77!  I have always had a good short game and was hitting my approaches closer, even when I felt it wasn't a good hit!
They have generated a lot of interest and I am sure you will be hearing from some other players up here in San Francisco!

- Phil H.

I would just like to say, I ordered a complete set of hybrid irons 2 through sw, and they are great! They are easier to hit vs. traditional irons, and actually increased my length by 1 full club.  I.E. 8 instead of a 7.  I have dropped 4-5 strokes, Wow, what fun.  I am 66, just an average golfer who loves the game even more, Thanks to Thomas Golf and their wonderful Clubs.  Thanks again.

- Richard M.
I have been playing for 15 years with no real improvement. Only last year I scored a 110 at my local course. Since playing Thomas Golf clubs, I have taken shot after shot off my score, and on the same course that I had my 110, I shot 93 and 92 in my last two rounds.
- John P.
I want to let you know how pleased I am with my purchase. I did a lot of research before deciding on Thomas Golf clubs, and my research paid off.  I bought a complete set 1-7 Hybrids & 8, 9, PW, GW, SW in Irons, plus a AT460 0ffset Driver.  I used the clubs last Sunday and, after a little getting use to, I dropped 10 strokes from my game.  Unbelievable but true.  Your club builders know their stuff and a pleasure doing business with you.
- Mike F.
I have been the happy recipient of Thomas Golf clubs for 1 month now. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with your product.  The clubs you sent me were outstanding in appearance and craftsmanship. I could not wait to get on the range and use them to improve my golf game. I was not disappointed. The alignment mechanism of your clubs helped me identify errors in my set-up and grip of the club. I could now see if my feet were properly set as well, based on the direction that the club head went through the impact zone, when compared to my intended target line. Because of this innovation, literally at my finger tips, my shots have been dead straight, and easily repeatable. When they are not, I know it is because I did not maintain my swing plane from the address and back through the impact position, or because my grip was wrong and the club head did not strike the golf ball square. Because both of these flaws are so easily recognized, adjustments can be made immediately by me with no substantive guesswork. This allows my next shot attempt to be correct, and straight, as one intended it to be. Thanks so much. As I grow with my golf game, I know that my success will be because of your terrific product. You have literally enhanced my potential to lower my handicap and make improvements in my game. Once again, thank you so very much.
- Bob MacDonald
I received my new set of 705's  yesterday and played them for the first time today.  I would like to thank you for producing the best golf club I have ever had the pleasure of playing with.  I have played golf for almost 50 years ( I'm just an average player 10 hdcp) and have never picked up a club for the first time and had it feel as natural as these clubs feel.  It has been a long time since I felt that I couldn't wait to get out to play again.  I can't remember the last time that I lined up to hit a shot and knew with confidence that the ball would fly in the correct direction... Please forgive me if I sound like a kid with a new toy but that's exactly how I feel.
- Tom S.
Thank you! I wish that everyone had this kind of service, the world would be a better place.

- John Linvell
I received my set of clubs yesterday and took them out to the driving range. They are indeed a beautiful set of clubs and they work quite well. I am anxious to play more with them and expect my game to improve. Thank you for all the help. I will be buying some other clubs from you soon.

- Jim Marshall
My daughter got the clubs. She loves them. Thanks so much.

- Barbara
I just received my new wedges. I want to thank you for the service and the grips are perfect.

- Brent
Thanks for the efficiency and quickness. I can't wait to try it and have my friends try it too. I hope to do business with you again.

- Michel Boisvert
Just wanted to thank you for getting my recent order out to me SUPER FAST. Your customer service is tops!

- Scott Pickens