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Thomas Golf Putters

No golf bag is complete without a customized putter from Thomas Golf. No two golfers putt the exact same way.  Therefore, Thomas Golf offers a wide variety of putter heads and shaft lengths that can be interchanged and customized to fit your body type and putter style.

Thomas Golf putters are fully customizable from putter head to grip. We offer both the standard-sized and oversized putter grips, that provide an optimum balance of comfort, control, traction and shock absorption. We have a variety of putter shafts, including traditional steel and even graphite shafts for golfers who prefer to get extra feel out of their putter head. Thomas Golf also offers a great selection of putters for left-handed golfers.

As with the entire line of Thomas Golf equipment, our focus with our putters is on alignment. Thomas Golf's putter alignment systems are the result of extensive studies in visual perception and application of expert design methods.

There are three popular putting styles that all require specific types of shaft and putter construction. With Thomas Golf, you can pair our putter heads with the shaft design that suits your preferred putting style.

The three basic types of putting styles that are commonly used by golfers today are the traditional, mid-length or belly, and long putters.

The first type, the traditional putting style, is used by most golfers on the green. The traditional style is good for golfers who are able to keep their wrist action to a minimal. The advantage of the traditional putting style is that it allows you to take the standard putting address, where your body leans forward placing your eyes directly over the golf ball.

The next style, the mid-length or belly putter style, is good for golfers who have trouble keeping the wrists from breaking during the normal stroke. With a belly putter, you have three points of contact with the golf club, unlike the traditional putting style, where you only have two. Besides both of your hands, you have the butt end of the putter grip anchored against your stomach. The third point of contact adds club stability, preventing a breakdown of the wrists during the putting stroke. For golfers having trouble with the traditional putting style, you may find the mid-length putter an easy transition. You can keep your original putting grip with the added benefit of the third point of contact.

The third, called the long putting style, is especially helpful for golfers who experience back pain when bending over a traditional putter. Because of its length, the long putter provides more of that desirable pendulum like motion to your stroke. Some golfers find it harder to gauge the distance of your putt, however, using the long putter style will make it impossible for the wrists to break down.

For more information to help you determine which of the three basic putting styles is right for you, check out Golf Info Guide's putting style guide here.