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Hybrid 460cc Drivers (Ladies : Right Handed)

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  • Hybrid-shaped 460cc driver head delivers pinpoint accuracy through extremely high MOI
  • Clubface height of 58mm expands the sweet spot for pure contact and exceptional forgiveness
  • Low center of gravity generates high launch and big distance
  • Patented shot alignment guide on the flat crown ensures dead-on aim, drive after drive
  • Custom fitted (free) to the golfer’s specifications

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Hybrid 460cc  Drivers<small> (Ladies : Right Handed) </small>

Hybrid 460cc Drivers (Ladies : Right Handed)



The full-sized version of Thomas Golf’s popular AT-705 Hybrid 230cc Driver, this 460cc model delivers the USGA's maximum clubhead volume, without sacrificing an ounce of playability.

This AT-705 Hybrid 460cc Driver features Thomas Golf’s patented shot alignment guide, superior technology and high-quality titanium construction. Translation: It’s long, straight and built to last.

It’s also one of a kind.

The engineering team at Thomas Golf set out to craft a club that overcame common constraints. The AT-705 Hybrid 460cc Driver features a simple yet crucial innovation: a taller clubface. Measuring 58mm top to bottom, the club easily compensates for the ball “rolling up” the face at impact.

An expanded sweet spot equals consistently pure contact and more forgiveness. That equals more distance for your average drives—and the ones you catch cleanly.

Thomas Golf’s AT-705 Hybrid 460cc Driver retains the ultra-high MOI (moment of inertia), and its flat crown is a perfect fit for the company’s patented shot accuracy technology—a simple guide that helps you line up correctly every time.

A lightweight yet super-strong titanium head, paired with rounded corners and a hybrid-inspired design, make the AT-705 Hybrid 460cc Driver a breeze to swing. With a standard loft of 10.5°, it’s also easy to get airborne with the playability to hit draws and fades.

Like all Thomas Golf clubs, this Driver can be custom fitted to the golfer’s specifications for length, shaft material and flex, lie and grip size.

Unmatched Accuracy

Thomas Golf’s patented alignment guide makes it easy to aim the clubface precisely at your target on each and every shot. It also aids in proper alignment of the feet, hips and shoulders. The club’s level crown creates a wider effective hitting area for excellent forgiveness on off-center hits, so your misses finish closer to the target.

Exceptional Distance

With a lower center of gravity (COG) than conventional drivers, the AT-705 Hybrid 460cc Driver delivers higher ball flight for extra carry distance off the tee. The flat crown eliminates the energy-absorbing flex of traditional, dome-shaped drivers. That means more energy is transferred directly from your swing to the clubface and into the ball, resulting in longer drives.

For golfers with slower swing speeds, the club’s loft of 10.5° increases launch angle and spin rate to keep the ball airborne and maximize distance.

Precision Sweet-Spot Alignment

Like all Thomas Golf drivers, fairway woods and hybrids, the AT-705 Hybrid 460cc Driver features advanced top-plane technology. The level crown lowers the COG to directly align the sweet spot of the club with the sweet spot of the ball at setup – greatly boosting your chances of hitting it flush, generating maximum distance and optimum spin.

The Science of Correct Aim

Did you know that more than 85% of golfers suffer from chronic alignment and ball position issues? And that poor aim can actually cause – and conceal – long-term swing problems? It’s true.

When a golfer repeatedly aligns left or right of the intended target, the body compensates by pushing or pulling the ball back on line. This exaggerated swing path becomes ingrained without the player ever realizing he’s lining up improperly. Many times, he goes through a series of futile swing changes when all he really needs is correct alignment.

The culprit? The curvature of the traditional driver’s clubface and crown, which create visual confusion and interfere with the golfer’s ability to align the club to the target.

Thomas Golf’s level top plane and patented alignment indicator are designed to eliminate this issue and get you set up correctly on every single shot. You’ll begin aiming the club properly and, just as importantly, setting the feet, hips and shoulders square to your target line – the key to hitting long, accurate drives.

The Thomas Golf AT-705 Hybrid 460cc Driver delivers incredible distance, accuracy, forgiveness, trajectory, sound and feel. There’s never been a driver quite like it.