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  • Thomas Golf Drivers

    The importance of a good driver should not be underestimated. Thomas Golf's line of titanium drivers and hybrid drivers offer advanced club design with custom-fitting to ensure you have a great golf driver tailored to your golf swing.

    Your driver gets you off the tee and sets the tone for the rest of the hole. Confidence in your drives will translate into better shots throughout the rest of your round on the golf course.  If you want to lower your golf scores with longer and straighter drives off the tee, Thomas Golf will get you there.

    Hitting those long, beautiful drives has never been so easy. Our drivers provide maximum distance and supreme accuracy due to their patented Advanced Top Plane Technology.

    When initially setting up to the golf ball, the majority of golfers use the driver's club-face to aim. Since the club's face is not flat, but actually bulged, using the club-face to aim can hurt your driving accuracy.  This is where Thomas Golf drivers separate themselves from the pack. Through its exclusive shot aiming indicator on the level top plane of the club, Thomas Golf has made driving "a whole new ball game”.

    Since the shot aiming indicator is on the flat top plane of Thomas Golf drivers, the line is parallel to the ground and perpendicular to the club face.  This orientation is crucial to shot accuracy and these are the only clubs in the world to offer this patented technology. The line helps you more accurately align your club and body to the target, translating into straighter and more consistent drives.

    The Advanced Top Plane of Thomas Golf drivers isn't just a place to put our alignment indicator; it's also essential in harnessing more power and distance for your golf shot.  Since the top plane of a Thomas driver is flat, it provides support to the clubface at time of impact with the golf ball; so instead of absorbing impact engery like a domed top, it is transferred into the golf ball for extra distance. With a Thomas Golf driver in your hands, energy transfer of your golf swing is maximized, instead of going to waste.

    Thomas Golf drivers come in 3 head sizes: the AT 460, AT 705/725 hybrid drivers,  and the AT 380.  For golfers who like the supersized driver, the AT 460 has the largest club head permitted within the USGA legal limits. For golfers who prefer the more compact look of a smaller driver, the new AT 705 and AT 725 hybrid drivers at 230cc are a very good choice.

    Thomas Golf's AT 460 drivers are available in both traditional hosel design and an offset hosel option (for golfers who slice or fade the golf ball from the tee).  The offset hosel insures your hands stay ahead of the ball through impact.  If you typically slice your drives, an offset hosel will help you close the clubface and eliminate that nasty slice.

    Click the free Custom Fitting link above and one of our expert club builders will recommend an individually tailored driver for you today.


  • Thomas Golf Hybrid Golf Clubs, Loft degree hybrids: 14, 16, 18, 21, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 30, 34, 36, 38, 42, 46, 50, 55, 60

    Thomas Golf hybrids are our most versatile golf clubs; Combining the playability of a fairway wood with the accuracy of an iron. Also known as rescue clubs, hybrids have grown very popular over the past few years with recreational golfers. In fact, hybrid golf clubs have proven to be so beneficial, they're even making their way into the bags of many touring professionals.

    Thomas Golf hybrid clubs are made to be a direct replacement to the standard irons; in head weight, loft, lie, shaft and grip. Hybrid clubs rose to popularity as a replacement for hard to hit long irons many golfers dread swinging. Since hybrid clubs are easier to hit, they send the ball higher and longer, with a more forgiving club face for those occasional mishits.

    At Thomas Golf, we've pushed the boundaries and now provide a hybrid to replace almost every golf club in your bag. From the 16-degree, #1 hybrid to the 55-degree SW hybrid, Thomas Golf has the entire club spectrum covered. With Thomas Golf hybrids in your bag, your confidence and performance on the course is sure to increase.

    We believe that you should have the option to choose the look and feel that you prefer, and not have to settle for a hybrid golf club that doesn't give you the confidence you need. So Thomas Golf gives you this freedom by offering both an AT-705 and AT-725 line of hybrid golf clubs. These two lines offer different types of club head shapes: a traditional pear-shaped head and a square head.

    The AT-705 hybrid clubs, with traditional pear-shaped head, maintain the classic look and feel that you're used to, with the added advantage of Thomas Golf's patented shot alignment technology. For right handed golfers, we also offer the AT-725 hybrid clubs with the square-head design that can provide additional help with alignment. Both models were designed to perform the same, so the best way for you to chose a model is to look at the clubs from the address position and ask yourself, "Which look am I more comfortable with? Square or the standard pear-shape?"

    Both these hybrid designs feature Thomas Golf's unique flat top-plane, providing extra strength to the upper face area. The flat top plane also provides the correct geometry to ensure the alignment indicator bar is parallel to the ground and perpendicular to the score lines, to provide perfect target alignment.

    In addition to the full line of hybrid golf club sets, Thomas Golf also offers custom hybrid chippers for recovery around the green. The lie and shaft length are just as you would see on a standard putter, so the golfer can use the easier putting stroke to get up and down from anywhere around the green. Just like the entire line of Thomas hybrid golf clubs, you can get your hybrid chipper in both either the traditional round-head or the square-head style.

    Many golfers experience a gap in their ability to reach the green with accuracy when they are forced to use those hard-to-hit long irons. If you're looking at filling that gap in your game, whether it's with one club or an entire set of hybrids, then Thomas Golf's custom fitted hybrid golf clubs are the solution.

  • Thomas Golf Irons

    Thomas Golf offers a wide selection of iron and wedges to fit any golfer's swing. Our iron sets feature Thomas Golf's Advanced Top Plane Technology and the exclusive Alignment Indicator. Constructed of stainless steel, Thomas Golf irons provide a solid feel with long-lasting durability.

    Many golfers have trouble with traditional irons, but don't really know why those problems occur. Other manufacturers' irons have a top trailed edge that is sloped, facing about 20 degrees to the right of the desired target line. Additionally, the face is sloped and the bottom leading edge is curved, creating more misleading reference lines.

    Thomas Golf's focus has been on developing golf clubs that improve alignment. With Thomas Golf irons, you gain the same alignment advantages as you do with a putter. The top plane of each iron is designed to support our Alignment Indicator which is parallel to the ground and perpendicular to the club face. This allows you to set up your golf shot for optimal alignment. Once you know that you have your club correctly aimed at the target, you can then align your feet, hips and shoulders to the target line, insuring optimal swing accuracy.

    Thomas Golf's flagship iron, the AT 505, is available for both right and left-handed golfers. The AT 505 features an oversized cavity-head that provides forgiveness for straighter shots, even on off-center hits. Each club is custom built for your body and swing type. Therefore, you get a consistent feel from each club in the set. These clubs feature the patented Alignment Indicator which also provides extra help with alignment.

    Thomas Golf's AT 510 line is the most high tech iron we have ever produced. The oversized hollow-head produces unsurpassed forgiveness, easy launch and max playability. The enhanced perimeter weighting and increased MOI (moment of inertia) dramatically expands the area of forgiveness, preventing twisting of the clubhead and mishit shots. Weight positioning in the long irons creates a high ball flight for longer and softer landing shots. As you move up the set towards your short irons, you'll find the weight allows for a more controlled trajectory and spin rate, resulting in more pin point shots.

    Our AT 602 is the 'players' club designed for more experienced golfers who like to work the ball to the desired shot shape. These irons are constructed of a soft 304 blend of steel that provides a better feel than other forged irons. The player's size cavity contains a concentrated sweet spot that gives consistent ball strikers a stronger and longer ball flight. The AT 602 also features a smaller head size that reduces drag through the grass, rough and sand.

    Thomas Golf's AT 100 series, available in a 1-iron through the lob wedge, provides golfers with even greater shot alignment through the highly nontraditional club head design. The unique square-head of the AT 100 creates easy set up and perpendicular shot alignment for improved shot accuracy. The AT 100 also features a large cavity back with an oversized sweet spot and a tight-radius sole, for added forgiveness.

    As with all Thomas Golf clubs, we offer free custom fitting so that your irons are specially tailored to your swing and body type. You can click on any of the irons above to get a more detailed description and photographs of our Thomas Golf irons.

  • Thomas Golf Putters

    No golf bag is complete without a customized putter from Thomas Golf. No two golfers putt the exact same way.  Therefore, Thomas Golf offers a wide variety of putter heads and shaft lengths that can be interchanged and customized to fit your body type and putter style.

    Thomas Golf putters are fully customizable from putter head to grip. We offer both the standard-sized and oversized putter grips, that provide an optimum balance of comfort, control, traction and shock absorption. We have a variety of putter shafts, including traditional steel and even graphite shafts for golfers who prefer to get extra feel out of their putter head. Thomas Golf also offers a great selection of putters for left-handed golfers.

    As with the entire line of Thomas Golf equipment, our focus with our putters is on alignment. Thomas Golf's putter alignment systems are the result of extensive studies in visual perception and application of expert design methods.

    There are three popular putting styles that all require specific types of shaft and putter construction. With Thomas Golf, you can pair our putter heads with the shaft design that suits your preferred putting style.

    The three basic types of putting styles that are commonly used by golfers today are the traditional, mid-length or belly, and long putters.

    The first type, the traditional putting style, is used by most golfers on the green. The traditional style is good for golfers who are able to keep their wrist action to a minimal. The advantage of the traditional putting style is that it allows you to take the standard putting address, where your body leans forward placing your eyes directly over the golf ball.

    The next style, the mid-length or belly putter style, is good for golfers who have trouble keeping the wrists from breaking during the normal stroke. With a belly putter, you have three points of contact with the golf club, unlike the traditional putting style, where you only have two. Besides both of your hands, you have the butt end of the putter grip anchored against your stomach. The third point of contact adds club stability, preventing a breakdown of the wrists during the putting stroke. For golfers having trouble with the traditional putting style, you may find the mid-length putter an easy transition. You can keep your original putting grip with the added benefit of the third point of contact.

    The third, called the long putting style, is especially helpful for golfers who experience back pain when bending over a traditional putter. Because of its length, the long putter provides more of that desirable pendulum like motion to your stroke. Some golfers find it harder to gauge the distance of your putt, however, using the long putter style will make it impossible for the wrists to break down.

    For more information to help you determine which of the three basic putting styles is right for you, check out Golf Info Guide's putting style guide here.

  • Thomas Golf Fairway Woods

    Thomas Golf fairway woods are an essential tool in any golfer's bag. Whether you're going for the green on those hard-to-reach holes or you're facing trouble from the tee box, our fairway woods will get you where you need to go.

    Many golfers are scared to swing their fairway woods, because when you mishit a wood, the bad results are always exaggerated.  Obviously, when you hit a slice on a 200 yard shot, the result is likely worse than the slice of a 100 yard shot.  However,  Thomas Golf's Advanced Alignment Technology paired with their elite club construction will take the fear out of swinging your fairway woods.

    Traditional fairway woods are used to replace your driver or long irons. Thomas Golf offers an array of fairway woods that can substitute any club in your set.  Thomas Golf offers fairway woods ranging from the 2-wood all the way to the sand wedge equivalent.  For many golfers, Thomas Golf fairway woods provide more loft, distance and control, than your standard irons.  Therefore, using the Thomas Golf fairway woods, may be the solution to any issues in your game.

    Thomas Golf fairway woods feature the Advanced Flat Plane Technology that is standard on all of our golf clubs.  With other club manufacturers, you use the club face to aim when setting up to the golf ball. Most club faces are not flat, therefore, using the club face to aim can hurt your accuracy.

    With its exclusive Shot Aiming Indicator on the top plane of the club, Thomas Golf fairway woods separate themselves from the pack. Since the Shot Aiming Indicator is on the flat top plane of a Thomas Golf fairway wood, the line is parallel to the ground and perpendicular to the club face.  This helps you align your club and body to the target, translating into straighter and more consistent shots with your Thomas Golf fairway woods.

    The other major advantage of Thomas Golf's Flat Plane Technology is the added strength to the club face.  Other club manufacturers used a dome shaped top plane, which hinders the transference of energy from the golf club to the ball.  The straight design of Thomas Golf's Advanced Top Plane eliminates unnecessary flex and delivers more power with less effort.

    Thomas Golf fairway woods feature a lower center of gravity, which aligns the sweet spot of the club to the center of the golf ball.  The lower center of gravity allows you to launch the ball, from even the worst of lies.  The compact head design glides through the deepest of grass with ease.

    Thomas Golf fairway woods are ideal for obtaining maximum distance with added shot control. They wont go as far as our drivers, but are generally easier to control.  Below is an equivalency chart that will help you determine which Thomas Golf fairway woods you need to fill that gap in your game.

    Fill out our free custom fitting survey and you can get a Thomas Golf club maker to tailor our fairway woods to your body and swing type.



    Equivalent to

    Lofts RH

    2 Wood



    3 Wood



    4 Wood

    1 Iron


    5 Wood

    2 Iron


    7 Wood

    3 Iron


    9 Wood

    4 Iron


    11 Wood

    5 Iron


    13 Wood

    6 Iron


    15 Wood

    7 Iron


    17 Wood

    8 Iron


    19 Wood

    9 Iron


    21 Wood

    Pitching Wedge


    23 Wood

    Gap Wedge


    25 Wood

    Sand Wedge



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