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AT602 Irons (Mens : Right Handed)

Switch Hand
  • Work the ball left to right or right to left with less offset hosel
  • Better than forged feel
  • Improved forgiveness for a player's head 
  • Better out of the rough
  • Player's head with patented alignment

AT602  Irons<small> (Mens : Right Handed) </small>

AT602 Irons (Mens : Right Handed)

 - Player's Size-Cavity Iron
 - Soft 304-Blend Steel
 - Patented Aiming Indicator
 - Thin Sole and Top-Plane
 - Minimal Hosel Offset
 - Concentrated Sweet-Spot

Research in visual perception shows that traditional Irons are difficult to align to the target, but the level TOP-PLANE and ALIGNMENT INDICATOR of the Thomas Golf Irons, make for easy alignment of the club to the target line. The golfer's feet, hips, and shoulders can then be easily set up parallel to the indicator and target line. Professional instructors around the world emphasize these factors as the essential elements to achieving a successful swing and ball flight.

Additional mass concentrated behind the ball at impact gives consistent ball strikers a stronger longer ball flight. The 602's have also incorporated a slight cavity-back to improve shot accuracy for those occasional mis-hits.  This professional cavity-back design feature becomes progressively more pronounced in the longer irons, as face impact accuracy is more difficult with longer irons.

The player's size head and concentrated mass of the 602's will produce a sweeter and more productive shot for accurate ball-strikers.  This Player's-club design also allows the golfer to “work” their shots utilizing draws, fades and knockdowns, that would otherwise be corrected by larger Game-Improvement cavity-back designs. The player's head size also reduces drag through grass, rough and sand.  The low hosel offset of the 602's will increase effectiveness and prevent the tendency of shots going too far left.

Another big advantage of the 602 design is the exceptional “Feel” at impact, communicating through the shaft to the hands. This gives a high degree of feedback to the player as to just what the head did through impact. As the ball leaves the face, an experience player will know exactly what has transpired, and be able to utilize the input to fine tune their game.