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Thomas Golf Irons

Thomas Golf offers a wide selection of iron and wedges to fit any golfer's swing. Our iron sets feature Thomas Golf's Advanced Top Plane Technology and the exclusive Alignment Indicator. Constructed of stainless steel, Thomas Golf irons provide a solid feel with long-lasting durability.

Many golfers have trouble with traditional irons, but don't really know why those problems occur. Other manufacturers' irons have a top trailed edge that is sloped, facing about 20 degrees to the right of the desired target line. Additionally, the face is sloped and the bottom leading edge is curved, creating more misleading reference lines.

Thomas Golf's focus has been on developing golf clubs that improve alignment. With Thomas Golf irons, you gain the same alignment advantages as you do with a putter. The top plane of each iron is designed to support our Alignment Indicator which is parallel to the ground and perpendicular to the club face. This allows you to set up your golf shot for optimal alignment. Once you know that you have your club correctly aimed at the target, you can then align your feet, hips and shoulders to the target line, insuring optimal swing accuracy.

Thomas Golf's flagship iron, the AT 505, is available for both right and left-handed golfers. The AT 505 features an oversized cavity-head that provides forgiveness for straighter shots, even on off-center hits. Each club is custom built for your body and swing type. Therefore, you get a consistent feel from each club in the set. These clubs feature the patented Alignment Indicator which also provides extra help with alignment.

Thomas Golf's AT 510 line is the most high tech iron we have ever produced. The oversized hollow-head produces unsurpassed forgiveness, easy launch and max playability. The enhanced perimeter weighting and increased MOI (moment of inertia) dramatically expands the area of forgiveness, preventing twisting of the clubhead and mishit shots. Weight positioning in the long irons creates a high ball flight for longer and softer landing shots. As you move up the set towards your short irons, you'll find the weight allows for a more controlled trajectory and spin rate, resulting in more pin point shots.

Our AT 602 is the 'players' club designed for more experienced golfers who like to work the ball to the desired shot shape. These irons are constructed of a soft 304 blend of steel that provides a better feel than other forged irons. The player's size cavity contains a concentrated sweet spot that gives consistent ball strikers a stronger and longer ball flight. The AT 602 also features a smaller head size that reduces drag through the grass, rough and sand.

Thomas Golf's AT 100 series, available in a 1-iron through the lob wedge, provides golfers with even greater shot alignment through the highly nontraditional club head design. The unique square-head of the AT 100 creates easy set up and perpendicular shot alignment for improved shot accuracy. The AT 100 also features a large cavity back with an oversized sweet spot and a tight-radius sole, for added forgiveness.

As with all Thomas Golf clubs, we offer free custom fitting so that your irons are specially tailored to your swing and body type. You can click on any of the irons above to get a more detailed description and photographs of our Thomas Golf irons.