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AT92 Long Putters (Left Handed)

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  • Heel-to-toe square weight bars provide optimal forgiveness

  • Center-shafted for reduced club head twisting

  • Milled face insert for optimal feel

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AT92  Long Putters<small> (Left Handed) </small>

AT92 Long Putters (Left Handed)

The AT 92 is a blade long putter in the same family as our AT-90 and  AT-91 putters, but is different in both feel and performance.  The AT-92 features the square weight bars, center-shaft, black stealth finish and the milled red insert, all in a compact blade. Constructed of stainless steel, the AT-92 provides superior feel in a made-to-last, dependable construction.  The AT-92 features a high putter face that allows for a more consistent strike of the sweet spot of the golf ball.  The extra weight of this putter allows you to use the larger muscles of your body during the stroke, promoting that ideal pendulum motion. The square weight bars are strategically place on the AT-92 to enhance the heel-to-toe weighting of the putter.  This weighting is ideal for golfers who incorporate a straight-back to straight-forward putting stroke.  The AT-92 is available for both left and right handed golfers in all three putting styles (traditional, mid-length/belly, and long putters.)


 With the AT-92, Thomas Golf has achieved the most extreme MOI by combining an stainless steel body with the square weight bars placed on the perimeter of the putter's sweet spot. The weight bars are the first ever with flat tops and sides to further improve alignment of the putt. This AT-92 model is center-shafted, creating a balanced heel-to-toe face which provides greater stability during the stroke.

 It features a machined face and high grade CNC-milled red aluminum striking plate insert for premium feel.

 Alignment Technology

 Thomas Golf's putter alignment systems are the result of extensive studies in visual perception and application of expert design methods. The wide channel and golf's first squared weight bars frame the ball and the 3-dimensional visualization provides excellent visualization and guidance for your putt. The channel works in synergy with the bi-level aiming indicator to ensure proper direction and that your head is correctly positionedover the golf ball. On the upper surface in front of the white directional line is a distinct white dot that aligns to let you know when your eye is directly over the ball.


The AT-92 putter is treated with a multi-step black stealth finish to eliminate glare and provide long lasting durability.

  • Strict tolerance zones for all materials, dimensions, and performance
  • Multi-step black stealth finish for durability, and anti-reflection
  • Computer Numeric Controlled cut face, the flattest in golf
  • Fixed-position squared weight bars produce high MOI to reduce head twisting
  • Unique bi-level indicator ensures your head is positioned directly over the ball
  • Consistency of the metal is never compromised by the extreme heat of welding
  • Loft: 3° Face height 30 mm, heel to toe length 4.375 inches, front to back 1.125 inches
  • All long putter options come with an 80 degrees lie
  • Head weight: 390 grams (Increase to any weight desired by adding tungsten weights, click here to buy  Tungsten )
  • Custom built to any length
  • 12-Month warranty on all materials & workmanship