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AT60s Mid-Length Belly Putters (Right Handed)

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  • Traditional feel with standard head weight. 
  • Better target direction from the use of the unique bi-level sight lines.. 
  • Improved accuarcy with the machined milled  face that ensures a flat face.

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AT60s  Mid-Length Belly Putters<small> (Right Handed) </small>

AT60s Mid-Length Belly Putters (Right Handed)

The AT-60S is a new addition to the popular line of THOMAS Putters. This mallet style putter provides extra weight for those who like to feel the head through the stroke. The unique alignment design offers exceptional visualization and accuracy. This quality Stainless Steel putter is complete with machined face and resilient urethane insert for improved feel and distance control.

Alignment Technology

This new alignment system is the result of extensive studies in visual perception and application of expert design methods.  It combines the advantages of "2-ball" designs, with the advantages of linear bi-level designs, for the ultimate in "best of both worlds".

The wide gray band spans across the top of the putter from the face to the back.  This band frames the ball perfectly and provides the type of "ball-path" alignment sought after by the "2-ball" designs.

The defined black and gold alignment indicators offer the linear reference that is so crucial for the mind's eye to accurately aim the shot and swing-path to the target.

Splitting the top surface of the putter into two separate elevations ensures that the golfer's eyes are directly over the ball.  If the golfers eyes drift to the outside or inside of the ball, the bi-level alignment indicators will immediately tell the golfer.

The new extended mallet design offers extra heaviness for golfers who prefer more weight in their traditional length putters.  It also lowers the center of gravity by pulling weight back away from the face, which reduces backspin at impact.


The elegant hosel is an exception for a mallet style putter transmitting detailed feel from the putter head and face to the hands.

The AT-60S includes bi-level dual sightlines which provide exceptional alignment and ensure your head is correctly positioned over the ball.


Aesthetically, the AT-60S putter sports a distinguished special Iodized black finish for a unique, attractive, and very durable putter head.

Loft: 3°, Lie: 74°, Head Weight: 345grams, custom length choices (Increase to any weight desired by adding tungsten weights, click here to buy  Tungsten ).

Head size has extra face height, and a very compact over all heel to toe and front to back length.

12-Month warranty on all materials & workmanship.