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AT708 Mid-Length Belly Putters (Right Handed)

Switch Hand
  • Snag-less square body design.
  • Effective on the green, first-cut, or just off the green.
  • Very forgiving when hit off center with it's hollow head design.

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AT708  Mid-Length Belly Putters<small> (Right Handed) </small>

AT708 Mid-Length Belly Putters (Right Handed)

The key and exciting feature of this putter is its snag-less body and sole design.  The leading and back edges of the huge sole are exceptionally curved and will not catch the ground on the back swing or forward stroke.  The Hybrid type sole slides with ease across short or long grass.  From the green, first-cut, or just off the green, this putter is an excellent performer.

This quality Stainless Steel putter is complete with machined face and resilient urethane insert for improved feel and distance control.

Snag-less Design

Very often, the ball ends up in the light rough, just off the edge of the green, or sitting on the outer edge of the fringe with its back up against the rough.  This can be a tricky problem.  It's best to get the ball rolling rather than try a chip, but if you use a regular putter, it will have trouble gliding through any grass taller than fringe.

The Thomas AT-708 Square Hybrid putter eliminates this problem with its large arched sole that glides over the grass blades, allowing the putter to stay smooth and stable through impact.

Hollow Head

The Hybrid style hollow head provides more forgiveness on contact, more detailed sound feedback, and more confidence before the putt.  By pulling weight back away from the face, the center of gravity is optimized to get the ball rolling at impact and reduce skipping.


Aesthetically, the AT-708 putter sports a distinguished balance of brushed stainless steel, machined face, resilient urethane face insert for improved feel and distance control, and high-test enamel paint for exceptional look and timeless durability.

Alignment Technology

The Squared design of this Hybrid putter gives additional reference to improve your accuracy to the target.

The flattened top area supports a defined gold aiming indicator that is level to the ground, providing the linear reference so crucial for the mind's eye to accurately aim the shot and swing-path to the target.

  • Machine milled face to ensure flatness
  • Resilient urethane face insert for added feel and distance control
  • Distinctive metallic enamel paint for durability and attractive appearance
  • Loft: 3°,   Lie: 74°,   Custom built to any length
  • Head Weights: 322 grams (Increase to any weight desired by adding tungsten weights, click here to buy  Tungsten )
  • 12-Month warranty on all materials & workmanship
Shafts & Grips

This table shows the shafts and grips you may choose from when you build your custom putter by clicking the "Customize/Buy" button above.


Standard-weight steel shaft

Stepless Chrome-Plated Stainless Steel Shaft, designed to provide feel & stability.



Thomas Split Grip

Two-Piece Split Grip

  • Grip consists of a 5" segment at the butt-end, then a longer 13" segment.

  • This newly engineered compound provides the optimum balance of comfort, control, durability and shock absorption.
  • Specially designed wrap style provides exceptional traction and surface feel throughout the grip.


Custom Fitting


Fitting Instructions for Custom Mid-Length Putter

Items Needed:

- 2 People (you and assistant)
- Your current putter
- Tape measure
- A coin

  1. 1. Address the coin like you would a golf ball, and establish your normal putting stance.
  3. 2. While you hold this position, assistant uses a tape measure to measure the distance (RED Line) from your belly button to the center of the coin. (not straight down)
  5. 3. Click the green "Customize/Buy" button above and choose this length measurement on the next page.

* Please note, your putter will be built with up to 1/2 inch extra length to ensure a snug fit to your body.


Extremely useful alignment on your left handed AT91. Nice of you to include us lefties, thanks. This is the most rewarding putter I have used, love a mallet and this is the most stable one I’ve tried. Three puts are now rare – Thanks

- Mike Evens
I wanted to thank you sooo much for your clubs!!! I'm a very high handicapper and I was really looking for something good that could improve my game without killing my finances. I bought the entire series of AT 505 irons and AT 30 putter with the specification you suggested. Honestly at the beginning it was a little bit frustrating because I had to readjust to the new clubs the aiming line etc. but after couple months, believe it or not, I was able to shave 25 strokes. Not only the long game improved but the short game (which is really what makes you score low) has been boosted up, the ball now goes (almost all the time!!) where I want, with the precision I desire, and my scores are lowering further. Your clubs helped me feel more confident on the golf course, and now I can control the direction of the ball much better and much easier, and when I don't it's almost always because I'm in a hurry and forget to aim like you suggest. Thank you again, and I will definitely suggest your clubs to everybody because they are really wonderful, and the customer care service is incredibly fast and efficient.

- Francesco M
I am very pleased with the putter and the service you guys gave me. Thank you for all that you have done and I will be sure to tell all my friends about you.

- Jerry Wilkerson
Just wanted to thank you for getting my recent order out to me SUPER FAST. Your customer service is tops!

- Scott Pickens
Thanks for a great addition to my hybrid set. Your hybrid putter gives me the continuity of clubs and the straight accurate putt I needed without catching the grass. Love your hybrid putter as much as the hybrid set.

- Ann K.