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Fairway Woods (Mens : Left Handed)

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  • Better alignment to the target by using the patented shot aiming indicator.
  • More forgiveness, plus the added strength of the flattened crown.
  • Improved ball control with the center of gravity in line with the center of the golf ball.

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Fairway  Woods<small> (Mens : Left Handed) </small>

Fairway Woods (Mens : Left Handed)

Research in visual perception shows that traditional Woods with curved tops are hard to align to the target, but the level TOP-PLANE and ALIGNMENT INDICATOR of the Thomas Golf Woods, make for easy alignment of the club to the target line. The golfer's feet, hips, and shoulders can then be easily set up parallel to the indicator and target line. Professional instructors around the world emphasize these factors as the essential elements to achieving a successful swing and ball flight.

- Aim and Alignment -

The level top-plane makes the Thomas Golf technology possible. The indicator bar is now parallel with the target line and level to the ground. This gives the golfer the advantage of tri-axial alignment, the ability to correctly adjust loft, lie, and direction

- Greater Strength and Distance -

Clubs with traditional roll and bulge tops will flex when they make contact with the ball, and power is lost. The straight design of the Advanced TopPlane eliminates unnecessary flex and delivers more power, effortlessly sending your shot further

- Improved Sweet-Spot Location -

The Advanced TopPlane lowers the center of gravity so that the sweet-spot of the club is automatically aligned with the sweet-spot of the ball. This was all accomplished without reducing the size of the face or sweet spot.