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Thomas Golf Fairway Woods

Thomas Golf fairway woods are an essential tool in any golfer's bag. Whether you're going for the green on those hard-to-reach holes or you're facing trouble from the tee box, our fairway woods will get you where you need to go.

Many golfers are scared to swing their fairway woods, because when you mishit a wood, the bad results are always exaggerated.  Obviously, when you hit a slice on a 200 yard shot, the result is likely worse than the slice of a 100 yard shot.  However,  Thomas Golf's Advanced Alignment Technology paired with their elite club construction will take the fear out of swinging your fairway woods.

Traditional fairway woods are used to replace your driver or long irons. Thomas Golf offers an array of fairway woods that can substitute any club in your set.  Thomas Golf offers fairway woods ranging from the 2-wood all the way to the sand wedge equivalent.  For many golfers, Thomas Golf fairway woods provide more loft, distance and control, than your standard irons.  Therefore, using the Thomas Golf fairway woods, may be the solution to any issues in your game.

Thomas Golf fairway woods feature the Advanced Flat Plane Technology that is standard on all of our golf clubs.  With other club manufacturers, you use the club face to aim when setting up to the golf ball. Most club faces are not flat, therefore, using the club face to aim can hurt your accuracy.

With its exclusive Shot Aiming Indicator on the top plane of the club, Thomas Golf fairway woods separate themselves from the pack. Since the Shot Aiming Indicator is on the flat top plane of a Thomas Golf fairway wood, the line is parallel to the ground and perpendicular to the club face.  This helps you align your club and body to the target, translating into straighter and more consistent shots with your Thomas Golf fairway woods.

The other major advantage of Thomas Golf's Flat Plane Technology is the added strength to the club face.  Other club manufacturers used a dome shaped top plane, which hinders the transference of energy from the golf club to the ball.  The straight design of Thomas Golf's Advanced Top Plane eliminates unnecessary flex and delivers more power with less effort.

Thomas Golf fairway woods feature a lower center of gravity, which aligns the sweet spot of the club to the center of the golf ball.  The lower center of gravity allows you to launch the ball, from even the worst of lies.  The compact head design glides through the deepest of grass with ease.

Thomas Golf fairway woods are ideal for obtaining maximum distance with added shot control. They wont go as far as our drivers, but are generally easier to control.  Below is an equivalency chart that will help you determine which Thomas Golf fairway woods you need to fill that gap in your game.

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Equivalent to

Lofts RH

2 Wood



3 Wood



4 Wood

1 Iron


5 Wood

2 Iron


7 Wood

3 Iron


9 Wood

4 Iron


11 Wood

5 Iron


13 Wood

6 Iron


15 Wood

7 Iron


17 Wood

8 Iron


19 Wood

9 Iron


21 Wood

Pitching Wedge


23 Wood

Gap Wedge


25 Wood

Sand Wedge