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AT705 Hybrid Review by Joe Davidson


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New AT 705 Hybrid Irons from Thomas Golf

Whatever you call them Hybrids are becoming increasingly popular. I've

said before that the 2 iron, 3 iron and 4 iron are about to fade out of

existence for the average golfer.

This weekend I had the opportunity to test the new 3 iron hybrid and 5

iron hybrid from Thomas Golf ( ). These hybrids are

far easier to hit than their iron counterparts. They get out of rough

much easier and they just generally feel more solid.

I highly recommend hybrids for all golfers even low handicappers.

Hybrids are just a better club for the job. Golf clubs are changing

every year. The makeup of the average set has changed. When I started

playing golf it was normal to carry only two woods and two wedges. Now

carrying three or four of each is common. You're going to see a lot

more hybrids in the coming years. I'd bet that most of our

readers will be carrying hybrids within the next five years.

If you want a really nice hybrid at a very reasonable price you should

check out the hybrids from Thomas Golf. They're only half the price of

the big name hybrids. I really like the aim lines on their clubs and

they are a company that really stands behind their products.

( )

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Hybrids are becoming more and more popular. They are replacing long

irons even in many touring pro bags. Soon you'll see them replacing

many middle irons. Some folks are playing whole sets of hybrids. Thomas

Golf is one company making a whole line of hybrids at very reasonable

prices. I always carry at least one or two Thomas hybrids in my bag. If

you're looking to try out a hybrids I'd definitely recommend checking

out Thomas because they will make sure you're fit to the right club.

For only $79 a club they are a real hybrid bargain.

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