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Hybrid Review by Tim Genster

Review Thomas Golf Hybrid 3-iron – by TCG, Connecticut

Appearance – Because I already have the Driver, and the appearance is essentially duplicated, it was already welcomed, and obviously part of a carefully designed ‘set.’ Again, that Thomas Golf alignment indicator is there and it provides a single visual reference that helps me focus on a good swing instead of worrying about my alignment. Great looking golf club.

Feel – The club is standard weight, but at the same time, it feels more substantial than a traditional 3-iron. The grip is comfortable. It too has a simple alignment indicator and it’s a nice touch. It’s useful, and it adds a unique extra that sets the Thomas brand apart. When in position, the feel is that this is a serious golf club.

Distance – The distance from this hybrid 3-iron is good. Over time, I can definitely get an extra 10-15 yards on average, compared to using my traditional 3-iron.

Forgiveness – As with the Driver, this club offers a big advantage here. Like most golfers, the long irons are always the most challenging clubs to hit consistently good shots with. The design of this club as a replacement for a 3-iron will work very well for many golfers, especially those who are over a 12 handicap. Bottom line is, while giving it my first ‘test,’ the number of times I got good distance and accuracy was impressive.

Accuracy – Again, as I noticed with the Driver, the aiming indicator on this club simply reminds you about the importance of a correctly aimed golf club. And, it works! Combined with the added forgiveness, most golfers will find the combination to be very helpful. Now that I’ve become used to seeing it, it’s easy to see that the alignment indicator can become an automatic part of my overall set-up.

Conclusion – Golf clubs we like are all about confidence. That turns into good shots and better scoring. For me, these Thomas Clubs do that. Compared to what I have been used to, these clubs can deliver the confidence every golfer is looking for. Get this new hybrid and compare it to your current 3-iron. You'll want to keep it.

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