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Thomas Golf AT705 & AT725 Square Hybrids Review

The hybrid golf club has been a great addition to golf equipment technology.  They are becoming increasingly popular especially with older players or those with slower swing speeds that have trouble getting the distance and carry they desire. 

The first club I tried was the AT705, 21 degree 3 hybrid.  The immediate thing I noticed was the line on the crown of the club to use for alignment.  I went through my normal routine of setting the club down first towards my target and then setting up my body once the club is in place.  The line helps as a guide to get your shoulders, hips, and feet parallel to your target.  Another benefit for alignment is the flat top plane which is easier to aim than the standard curvature you find in competitor's hybrids.  The flat top also helps ensure that the energy transfer from the club face to the ball is maximized and not absorbed by the curved crown you find in other hybrids.

Next, I tried the AT725 square hybrid.  I never had much success with the square headed drivers so I was pretty skeptical going in.  To my surprise, though, I found it easier to align than the AT705.  The shape of the head sets up very well behind the ball and I found myself not having to rely as much on the top line for alignment.

The AT705 is available in right and left hand and the AT725 square is available in right hand only.  The lofts for the AT705 range from 16 degrees (1 hybrid iron) to 55 degrees which is the loft of a standard sand wedge.  The lofts for the AT725 square model are the same except they also offer a strong 1 iron of 14 degrees.  All models are available for men and women with many different shaft flex options available.  The graphite comes in ladies, seniors, regular, and stiff flexes.  There are two types of steel shaft options, the light weight step-less steel (available in regular and stiff flex) and the standard weight steel (available in regular, stiff, and x-stiff).

Overall, both hybrid models are impressive game improving clubs.  If you have trouble hitting your irons, especially the longer ones, then I highly recommend checking out Thomas Golf's line of hybrids.  Although they aren't as well known as some of the more popular companies, their technology is the real deal.  You can learn more about these hybrids and others on their website at