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Mid-Length Belly Putters (Right Handed)

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Thomas Golf Mid-length Belly Putters

Thomas Golf offers a wide selection of coutom made mid-length belly putters for golfers looking to take their putting game to the next level. The mid-length belly putter style is preferred by golfers who have trouble keeping their wrists from breaking during the normal putting stroke. Unlike the traditional putting style, where you have only your hands as the two points of contact with the club, you have three points of contact with the belly putter. With the belly putter style, besides your two hands on the putter grip, you have the butt end of the putter grip pushed up against your stomach. This third point of contact with the putter adds stability, preventing a bending of the wrists during the putting stroke. For golfers having trouble with the traditional puttying style, you may find the mid-length putters an easy transition because of the ability to keep your original putting grip with the extra benefit of the third point of contact.

Thomas Golf offers several different mid-length belly putters that can all be custom fitted to your body and swing type. Thomas Golf also has a selection of belly putter grips to choose from that posses a different feel, depending on your personal preferences. Below are just a few of the great options Thomas Golf provides in this putter category.

The AT 70 mallet putter offers a uniform feel through its one-piece construction containing zero weld zones. This putter head features a stealth black finish to eliminate glare and provide durability. The new, extended mallet design offers extra putter head weight for golfers who prefer a heavier feel than a traditional putter head shape. As with all Thomas Golf putters, the AT 70 delivers improved accuracy through the use of the unique dual sight lines that help you know when your putter is lined up properly.

Thomas Golf also offers mid-length belly putter models with our popular hybrid head shape. The AT 708 is the square-shaped hybrid putter that features the head qualities of a hybrid with the loft and feel of a standard putter. As with all Thomas Golf hybrid clubs, the AT 708 features a snag-less body and sole design that eliminates mishit puts caused by grounding the putter. The Thomas Golf hybrid putter is also great for hitting from the fringe or fairway when playing a wedge isn't optimal. The snag-less hybrid putter head design will ensure that you glide through the grass and achieve solid contact with the golf ball.

Thomas Golf's AT 60 is our smaller headed mallet putter that we offer in the mid-length belly putter style. It features the unique bi-level sight lines, which ensure that your head is correctly positioned over the golf ball. The face of the AT 60 contains a urethane insert for optimal feel and distance control.

Don't forget that all Thomas Golf clubs are custom fitted for free, to fit your particular body and swing type.  Fill out our free custom fitting survey now to get started on the path to better and straighter golf shots.

Many left-handed  golfers have trouble finding the equipment they desire.  Thomas Golf offers many choices, when it comes to putting, for the left-handed  golfer.  For golfers who like the mid-length belly putter style, we offer the AT 12, AT 30, AT 70, AT 71, AT 72, AT 80, AT 90, AT 91, and the AT 92. There is no reason that you should sacrifice your game, because you swing left-handed.  Check out Thomas Golf's wide variety of left-handed to take your puttying game to the next level.  As with all of Thomas Golf equipment, our left-handed putters are fully customizable to your body and swing type.

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